I sell my clothes through my webshop on Etsy. Here's a small sample of what is avialable in my shop right now.

If you live close to Gothenburg you will be able to hold a Kaja Party at your home, where I come and bring the entire, or parts of my shop.  As a hostess you will be given products from my shop as payments, a little bit depending on how much your guests will purchase. But, remember, there is no compulsory shopping on these partys. Just look and feel the clothes, and when you simply can't resist something - then you buy it. Or, if it is not available in your size, you will be able to custom order it, and have it delivered within 2-3 weeks.

I usually attend a few Craft&design fairs during the year, of which the most important one is the Gunnebo Christmas fair in Gothenburg, Sweden. This is held in the buildings of a castle built in the 1700's and it is so cool!