I am Kaja. 38 years old with two lovely kids and a wonderful husband living in Gothenburg, Sweden. I work with IT and looove trouble shooting. But I also love beautiful things and create things with my hands. And coming from a family of crafty women I am used to making the things I want but can't find in the stores.

When the kids was born I made them all sorts of little things. Bedding, toys and clothes. After a while the kids realized that they could wish pretty much anything from their mum, and I would fulfill it. A beanie with an angler fish? - No problems! A purple dress with stars - you got it! When other mums saw my kids things they asked me if I could make something for them as well? That is how everything got started in 2007. I have had a couple of brick and mortar shops that have been selling my clothes, but I really love the interaction with the customers, so that is why I have been on Etsy since 2009.

My brand name comes from what I called my self when I was 2 years old, Kaja. Kaja is a female name in Scandinavia, but it is also the Swedish word for the bird 'Jackdaw'. So, my company name is a pun and would translate into something like 'Jackdaw and little caw' (caw being the sound that a Jackdaw makes)

I am one of those fortunate persons that have more ideas than time to fulfil them. The simplest things can make my head start spinning with ideas. I very rarely make any sketches of what my ideas are, but I always get a very vivid image. For me it is not only important that the actual item looks the way I first imagined it, it has to have the right feeling to it as well. This is why I do about 30% of my designing while actually sewing the item.

There are so many lovely fabrics, and to be able to buy them all I usually only buy small amounts of each. This also results in that most of my items are OOAK (OneOfAKind). That is with one exception, the Pippi Longstocking collection. There are simply to many children that wants to make friends with the strongest girl in the world. Here in Sweden (home country of Pippi and her author) most little girls have a Pippi-phase, right before they enter the pink-glittery-princess-phase.

As a mum I want the clothes to be wearable and durable. All kids should have colorful clothes that they have a fit that allows them to climb trees or go down a slide. But, I also want clothes that are so good in quality that they can be washed warm (60 C/140F) and still keep color and shape. When my children find a favourite item they want to wear those forever, but they will of course outgrow them eventually. But most of my clothes are designed in such a way that what is a dress this year, can be worn as a tunic next season, and then a top the year after that. This is what I would like to call eco quality! Economic and ecologic! Some of my clothes are made from recycled or organic fabric - so keep an eye out for those items!