Tuesday, 20 August 2013

More underwear - with horses....

 My daughter was on riding camp this summer. 10 kids that was taking care of horses and riding them... Do I have to tell you that they were having a ball??

So right now I am making underwear with horse theme. The pictures are from my smallest sizes 18-24 mths (86-92 cl).

I use the hot pink foldover elastic as trim - picking up the colors from the flowers of one of the trees. Love the pictures of the kids riding the horse, the little cat and the dog. The foldover elastic makes the fit of these panties really good. 5% lycra combined with the 95% cotton makes them really comfortable. Most customers that have bought one pair comes back for more items within a very short period of time for more. Somehow their kids refuses to wear anything but these... *LOL*

The crotch has a double layer of fabric.

And yes - they are available in the shop - with more horse items.

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