Monday, 20 May 2013

Fancy panties!

Yes. I know. I have neglected my blog. I simply can't keep up with full time job, kids, shop, facebook AND blog. So if you want to follow my day-to-day crafting I suggest that you follow med on I am making a lot of small things at the moment. Panties and briefs mainly. They have been selling really well and by now I even get questions from friends to make them panties. They too have realized that it is much more comfortable to wear these than the storebought ones.

This time I made a batch of size large panties. Remember that my run really large in the sizes and you would probably be able to use a smaller size than you usually wear. Listings are up in the shop and there's a sizing chart included.

I use cotton jersey, a lot of them are actually certified organic!! Double fabric in the crotch and with foldover elastic as a trim. By now I think I have sewn more than 150 pairs of underwear and I am definitely aspiring on the title "Queen of FOE".

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Thea said...

Å vilka söta! Nä, det är mycket man ska hinna med!