Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Todays outfit in suitlands

I work in IT at a big multinational company. Although IT is probably one of the most dress code liberal departments in the office - we still see a lot of dark suits there. (on occasions see wornout jeans, t-shirts and Birkenstock slippers as well...).This is todays outfit. A jacket I bought in Slovenia when I was there skiing in February. A par a black suit pants. My aweome red-black ankle boots from Hispanitas. And my brand new shirt from my own design.
Fabric from Tygaffären. And the pattern is a mix from two patterns. I have a dress that I looove, but that is probably to slim fitting to make a good shirt. And then I had a shirt pattern that had tog big armholes and to wide shoulders to go with my rather petite upper torso. So. I mixed them and got the perfect pattern! Yay!  
I am currently sewing some new staples for my wardrobe - so more todays outfit will come

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