Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Rainbow afghan

I started this afghan during our summer vacation. My intention was to make the Burberry inspired blanket, but then I realized that I had the wrong color of the yarn that I brought, Forntuately I had brought some random yarn that I could use for minor projects if I got tired to make baby blanket. So, I started making squares, not really knowing what to make from them in the end.
I started with the blue-turquoise scale and I was thinking that I was going to make a Mediterranean blanket. But, when I came home I continued with the yellow-red-scale of yarn and the , my son came along and asked if I was making him the rainbow afghan that he had been asking for.  Not really - but since it was a good idea I decided to go with it. So. I ended up with 14 colors all in all, with 9 squares each, since that was what I was able to get out of each ball of yarn.  This left me with a afghan that is something like 105x160cm. A very generous afghan that easily fits two kids underneath.
I decided to go with the Svarta Fåret "Tilda", and 50-50 Acrylic Cotton mix. It makes a warm afghan that still let air come through so that it is possible to use during summer as well. Also, since it is a cotton/acrylic-mix it is washable, something  that could come in handy when you make a blanket for kids.
Most of the time I try to crochet the squares together, but this time I aimed for sewing instead. I still had a million threads to fasten, and I really didn't want any more threads than necessary.
I find making afghans is very rewarding. As I get thrilled about every little square I make I tend to forget that I in the end will have made 120 something squares. This is probably why I made four afghans during the last year.


Lise said...

I LOVE this afghan. I have been trying to think of a pattern, as I really have to like it to commit myself to making a whole blanket. This has really inspired me!

sofia said...

WOW! Helt underbar!

Anna Mustonen said...

Åh gud jag tror jag smäller av! Det måste vara bland det absolut vackraste jag sett i filt/pläd-väg! Snälla, snälla du ändra så att man inte behöver skriva in konstiga bokstäver för att bekräfta att man inte är en robot! Jag vill så gärna kommentera mera i din fina blog men jag orkar inte om jag måste grejsa med att skriva in bokstäver...