Thursday, 17 January 2013

Handball outfit

Our son plays Handball. And he is actually pretty talented on it too. Despite his mums thought about it, he doesn’t have any second thoughts about using brute force trying to get passed any of the opponents. To encourage him I decided to find some special handball items. But, when you look on you find that there really aren’t that many. Soccer, football, basketball and baseball all have plenty of items, but handball… No.
I was a little bit frustrated, but gave it no more thought. And then after a couple of days I asked myself “Am I a crafter or am I not?”. How stupid of me, I hadn’t even considered making him something myself. I found patterns in one of the really old Ottobre magazine (No 2004/3 Models 36 and 31). Against better judgment I might add. I generally don’t like zippers and even considering sewing zippers on a knit fabric … whoa… And the last time I made appliques with letters… hmmm.. it really didn’t turn out very well.
I started with the jacket. The back applique is a picture I googled and then transferred to vliesofix and sewed on to the back. The zipper gave me some problem. Mostly because I didn’t realize that the pattern made the front piece 2 cm longer than the zipper. But since it was 2 cm, it was just perfect to just cut away the old seam at the lower ribbing and add a new one there. And after sewing on the zipper I realized that I could have been more generous with the needles. So I had to rip the seam and then I got it all right. On the pants I skipped the seam allowance on the outer hem. Our son is slim, so I knew that he didn’t need those extra centimeters. I sewed the front and back together and left the side seam open so that I could make the applique and attach the pockets.

This time I used the Sulky “Totally stable” on the back and vliesofix in between and the letters actually got pretty good. Not perfect, I can still see the flaws, but good enough.
I also sewed on the pockets. I used red foldover elastics as trim, and used red thread, just for a little extra decoration.
Our so was thrilled about the outfit and after he tried it on, he didn’t want to wear anything but the outfit for a couple of days. *love*

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