Thursday, 25 October 2012

Warm and cozy hats for the kids

Yeah, yeah. I know. I always say that making hats are so boring that the clocks stops. And I still think that. But, no rule without an exception, ey?  Both kids have magically lost their hats in school. Go figure! So, both of them needed a warm hat for the winter. And preferable unique enough to make all teachers and students on the school recognize their hats, so that they would be returned if they misplaced them again.

Anyway. It usually takes me less time to sew to hats, than to bring two kids into the store, make them choose a hat (that preferrably isn't to expensive, that matches their coats and they still approve of) and go back again. Okay, these might have taken a little longer time than that to make, but hey, I am really proud of them and they were almost not boring at all to make!

First the hat for my daughter. I bought the "Scandinavian Stitches" book from Kajsa Wikman. Really cute book, with lots of inspiration. And I saw this cute pouch with a mouse applique on it. Well. I don't need a pouch (maybe I do, but not right now), but my daughter likes animals and needs a hat. So.

A hat with a rat it is!

I made the entire hat in velour, and the mouse face is also made in velour and the other details in jersey. I wish I had a lighter gray velour for the mouse, but hey, sometimes you need to use the stuff you've got in stock! Apart from that I think it turned out pretty cute! Really comfy too, and if she's not wearing it, I will!
And for my son. A creeper hat. Creeper is a charachter in the game "Minecraft". I don't have a clue what you are supposed to do, but he's really into it, and loves it. And so are the rest of his friends. So. A creeper hat it is. I actually used a ribbing for the hat, that made it really stretchy. And lined it with black velour for comfyness (does that word actually exist??) and extra warmth.

I do hope that the kids love their new hats!!