Friday, 21 September 2012

Baby blanket....

Yes. My baby blanket is finished. It was handed over before the mother actually had the baby, but it seems as it was a lucky blanket, since it now belongs to a beautiful baby boy!
 It is a cotton-acrylic blend, which makes it really easy to care for. I also made it fairly large. approx 100x130, so that he will be able to wear it for many years to come.
My kids looooove their blankets. They are cool enough to be worn in the summer, but warm enough to keep you warm in the winter too. The pattern and the yarn makes it breathe, so that it is very good when they are sick.
I just looove the color combo. Works equally good for a boy or a girl. I was inspired by the Burberry Nova check when I decided on the color scheme.
And a close up of each square. Red center, creme, cappuccino or hazelnut for four rows and then a white border. I have actually crocheted together the squares. It takes very long time, but it is sooo pretty! The orginial pattern is the Sarafia blanket, and it is available from Ravelry here!

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Lise said...

It's a beautiful blanket - what a lucky baby!