Friday, 6 July 2012

Summer project - baby blanket

Before any of you guys get any ideas. No. I am not preggers! I have a few pounds to many, but then again who hasn't? So this summer I have decided to spend in the bushes north of Beach 2012 eating cupcakes. You are welcome to join me!

Anyway. There is another baby boom going on again and I need to prepare gifts. I saw the Sarafia blanket on Ravelry a while ago and decided that this would make an awesome gift.

I am using a cottonese yarn and hook no 4 and the original idea was to go for a Burberry color scheme. And in a way that it would suit boys and girls. Here in Sweden most parents don't find out the sex of their child and I'd they do, they tend to keep it a secret anyway.

So far I am up to 40x50cm. And I will probably need to make it at least 80x70 or so. Preferably larger. Well see how far I get before the baby is born.


Lise said...

I love the colors - looks great! I love crochet, and blankets are always useful. I'm sure the parents will love it.

Linda said...

I agree, live the colors and pattern as well! You do it square by square that you then put together right?

Karin said...

I had planned to knit three or four baby cardigans of left over yarn from other baby cardigans but I love the patterns so now I'll crochet a blanket or two instead! A much better summer project.

Kaja said...

Yes. I do them square by square and then join them.

There are several ways of joining them, but I prefer to crochet them together while I am crocheting the last round by pulling through the loop through the top of the next block, I'll see if I can show you sometime. You can also whip stitch (sew) them together or use a back loop crochet.

Sofia-Sobeide said...

Så fin! Perfekt färg som passar både kille och tjej :)