Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Staples for me!

This might not look like a summer shirt to you, and it isn't. I made it in March somewhere, but I have not gotten around to blog about it until now. It is the Fanö from Farbenmix, that I made in a solid black jersey. Nothing fancy really, but a good staples in the wardrobe.

They do run a bit large in the sizes, so I think I might go down from Large to Medium and add a little extra width to it instead. I have narrow shoulders, which makes most shirt seem really bulky on me, and I never get used to adjusting the patterns for that. At least not in advance. Remember me to make a full measuring session (I can't take my own measurements I need someone else to do it) so that I have all measurements before I sew something...

1 comment:

Miiaoo said...

Men hjälp så snygg cardigan du har sytt i några inlägg ner!!! Sjukt fin!!!
Å bebisfilten börjar arta sig! Jag älskar ditt färgval!! Den blir superfin, och en riktigt exklusiv present!