Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Not afraid of zippers any longer!

 Anyone that has watched any kind of house makeover or interior decorating program on TV knows that there is usually a considerable amount of pillows and cushions and throws and fluff. If you're not a big fan of zippers (which most seamstresses seams to have an issue with) it tends to get really complicated to make pillows. Either you need to sew then on to the inner pillow, or.... well, you need to figure out that it really isn't that scary with zippers after all.
I needed new pillows for our sofa, and when I figured it out, I think I made 12 or 13 pillows all in all. With zippers! As you can see there's hardly room for even a small person to sit in this sofa, but they are spread out on two sofas, and I wanted to have a couple of extra so that I could pop the pillow covers in the washer every now and then, without ending up with an empty sofa.
And, while I was at it, and that I realized that zippers wasn't that bad after all... I decided to make myself a skirt. Totally lime green, but with black boots and a black knitted merino top it actually made quite an eyecatcher, but still pretty formal. Perfect for the office!

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