Friday, 8 June 2012

Long time ago....

Long time ago I made this shirt. Yes, I know that you've missed me (or at least I hope you did!), but I have been busy. And when time get scarce you need to prioritize. And so I did. I prioritized my work and my family. And occasionally some sewing, but I am afraid I didn't get any time for blogging.

Our daughter has been growing like crazy and suddenly she had run out of long sleeved shirts. So, this is one of the staples in her wardrobe. Easy pattern, but the fabric does the entire thing... I am not sure if you can see it, but the pattern is from the nursery rhyme "Five little monkeys". Our daughter got Wii Dance Kids for Christmas and this was one of the songs that was included on that one, and probably her favorite one. 

And the last picture shows one of the reasons that I have been busy. We got two little kittens from a colleague of mine. They're both part Norwegian Forrest cat, and look very "wild". I think that they are about 8 or 10 weeks on this picture. This is our daughters cat, which she named "Lakrits" (which means liqurorice, her favorite candy), and our son got this little fellas brother, which he named Dumle (a chocolate covered caramel candy, very popular here in Sweden).

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