Monday, 11 June 2012


One of the most popular programs this winter on the Childrens channel in Sweden was Labyrint. An adventure program where the kids were to solve some problems, while being chased by different kinds of robots. If the robots caught you, they squirted slime all over you! Very exciting, and pretty gross. 

While they solved the problems they would be able to get "Livspuckar" (life pucks), a glowing metallic round thing that they would attatch to their costumes. In the end these life pucks would give them an advantage in the final.
All the kids in the same age as ours knew the program. They were playing it online, watching the shows over and over again. Our daughter knew the intro presentation by heart. And they made up little games in the playground imitating their favorite show.

Of course I wanted my kids to feel extra special. So I made them a shirt with a big slime splash on the back and detachable life pucks (out of felt, with velcro on the back) on the front side. Pretty much the same model, but different cuts, so that our daugther got a slightly more feminine style on hers.
The shirt wasn't identical to the ones that were in the program (they were probably made out of leather), but the first day the kids wore the shirts to school and kindergarten, I got a welcome committee outside the classroom. All the kids wanted to have identical shirts! I got at least four orders up front. But, since the parents weren't included in these orders, they were never realized.

On the other hand. When we were up skiing with my sisters family, both our kids had their shirts with them. And the kids were playing labyrint in our house the entire week. They hid the life pucks, and then they were trying to find them while being chased by one of the kids that were stomping his/her feet really heavy as the robots did. 

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Lise said...

What a brilliant idea! I bet the kids loved them.

And it is nice to see you back!