Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Improvised cardi with frills and laces

I bought this fabric long time ago, planning to make a cardi. But I never found a cardi pattern that would actually work since it is such a fine knit. Almost like lace.

Then I saw a fellow blogger that made a frilly cardi from a pattern in a Swedish sewing magazine. I always find it hard to make a new pattern for the first time since it usually contains a lot of measuring to make sure that the pattern designer has the same opinion as I do regarding sizing. Usually we don't. So instead of trying to buy an old magazine and do all the extra work - why not improvise?

I know how I like my cardis and I have a good basic pattern for shirts. The rest is only to decorate it, right? So instead of cutting on front piece I put it on the fabric folded in half and added seam allowance. And then I measured where I would want the ties.

The arms got a solid off white lace and so did the cardi. Now it was time for decoration. One tier with lettuce hem (being a super stretchy fabric it was a very easy thing) that I gathered with a straight seam with long stitches. And the next tier I 3-stitch zigzagged on a lace and gathered the same way.

I sewed the tiers on to the cardi with a 3-stitch zigzag. Afterwards I think that I might should have put the middle tier two cm up on the cardi. This way the frills got a little to bulky.

I made a small 3-stitch zigzag hem along the centre opening and used fold over elastics for ties. All in all a very pretty project. And I will make more similar cardis.

I can't believe that I've never made cardis before. I use them all the time since the air conditioning make the office very cold and I don't always want to wear long sleeved. And I always have trouble finding good cardis that really suits me...

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Mich @ wholesale clothing said...

You did a great job. Personally I didn't know what cardi looks I am glad I was stopped here on your blog and get an idea on it. Thanks for sharing.