Friday, 16 March 2012

De-stash February - Who won?

Do you think I am slow?? Well. It might be so, or it might be that my life is running faster than I am at the moment. If I get an hour extra I am not very likely to be spending it in front of the computer, but rather in front of the sewing machine. 

I had the ambition of doing this REALLY neat, with showing off pictures, and arranging a vote and stuff. But really. I didn't have the time for it. So I decided just to collect a few pictures and let a random number generator decide who won.

77 projects were created this month and number 37 is the number 7 below. So the winner is Liten kulla och mas.

And, if I think really hard I must say that one of my favorite projects this month really was from her blog. These booties are made in true Kaja style. You need something, really need it for some reason (I assume that some wee one has cold feet) and everything you find in the shops don't fit, or are booooring. So, you end up doing it yourself. And since you have your own style and ideas of how something should be done you end up with something truly personal.

Here comes a few of my other favorite projects from this month!

Oil cloth aprons from Pysselmia. Practical and really personal:

Supercute shirt from Unikuun teapiahuone (make sure that you look of the details of the appliqué. Awesome!:

Crocodile mittens from Avanai. So personal and cool!

Special award goes to Mandis och Jag for the patience of making a quilt from scraps! I can't do these things, even though I think it is so pretty!

Fabric diapers from Emmy. Totally cool! Good for the environment, and so much prettier than Pampers or Huggies. Look at those cute heartshaped snap buttons!

Miiaoo made a sample for a new dress. It had a great fit, but looked pretty boring. This is after she decided to pimp it! Totally cute!

Supercute pillow from Bessemess. Text reads "Seize the day!"

Leftover pillow from Andas. So cute! I totally need one of these!

Bustroll made her own lamp shade! Totally cool! I assume that she has matched it with pillows somewhere else!

More patchwork from LillaB! I totally like these things when you can use almost any piece of fabric and turn it into something fantastic.

Crocheted rug, made from old t-shirts! Totally cool! And eco friendly! And stylish! Way to go Pyssel-på-torp!

Saumurin kera made a dress fit for a princess. And I think that she made it about the same time as a new princess was born here in Sweden and everybody was hit with princess fever!

And, now for some special award to Nevenmamma that I think has contributed with most things this month. In ONE post she contributed with these 9 (!) pair of leggings. And I don't know how many links she has put into MrLinky.... You're a true inspiration, but I don't know where you find all your time!!


Unikuu said...

jee! I am happy that you mentioned my shirt. And wow! so many wonderful handicrafts.. you are all very talented. Congratulations to the winner.

Liten Kulla och Mas said...

Wow! vad glad jag blir! Verkligen många fina projekt. Det har varit en väldigt rolig utmaning och inspirerande att se vad alla åstakommit varje vecka.

glenni said...

thank you! my mom has been watching my daughter for awhile now - there's my time but end is nearing, my mom is going back to Finland soon...