Thursday, 2 February 2012

Pimp my dress!

I know that everybody loved one of my first velour dresses that I made for myself. Honestly, it was a mistake with the extra embroidery. When I was done I realized that I had a fold or a difference in color right over the chest. Which basically meant that it was going to be totally useless unless I hid that fold in some way.

Here's a dress that I am making for a friend. I gave her som options on how to pimp the basic charcoal gray velour tunic, but when I looked at the pictures I thought that it could be a great chance of showing how different the same dress will look with different embroideries. These are from different shops on Etsy and eBay. But I have seen similar in my local fabric shop as well.
 Delicate white with sequin and rhinestones.
 Large statement bib in white
 Large delicate in black
 Small delicate in black
 White delicate.
 With long tails in white. This one has sequins too.
And the last one is just to show you how it would look with an elastic lace around the waist. Hard to belive that it is the same dress, right?

Which one is your favourite?? I think mine is the one with long tails and the first one. But, both have sequins on them and I am not sure about those... So perhaps the small black one? I have small pink ones, but I am saving those for girls' dresses.


zsazsazsu said...

The large delicate in black in definitly my favorite ! But the rest too are nice combinations.

Lise said...

The last one with the lace at the waist is my favourite, then probably the first one. But they all look great!

Rebecca said...

Den översta med vitt är min favorit :) Midjebandet i svart var också riktigt snyggt.