Monday, 16 January 2012

Trolls, spiders and elephants

Since I am changing direction for my shop (slowly-slowly) I need to upload a few things that will work for older girls as well. So. Here's a series of dresses that will work for a 7-8 year-old (122-128cl), or for a tall fiveyearold. This first dress was intended for my daughter. I made her a dress in the red fabric with trolls, and she has worn it and worn it and worn it. Now it is to short for her, so she really needed an updated version of it. So I took my last pieces of this limited edition fabric and made her a new dress. Her comment? "But muuuum, I've alread got a troll dress!" Oh, you spoiled little rat! So, it's available in the shop.
The next two dresses are perfect for spring, with patterns in the skirt from the two childrens songs "One elephant" and "Itsy bitsy spider". I've intentionally used green and pink to combine with the turquoise fabric, as I know that there are a lot of mums out there that are getting slightly fed up with the pinkish-redish mush of clothes that is available for small girls.
The last one is one of my personal favorites. Hot pink bodice and a skirt with Patty Youngs "Scandi chirp". It has motif from the traditional scandinavian paintings, but interpretated into a design that looks very modern.
All dresses are uploaded in the shop, and I will be able to make most of them in another size or color, except for the trolls. I am SO out of that fabric!

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Åsa Tidqvist said...

spännande att du ändrar lite riktning, jag har många tankar i mitte eget huvud ang min firma...får se hur det blir framöver! fina kläder!