Friday, 20 January 2012


The day before NewYears Eva, me and the kids went into the city to go shopping on the Boxingday sales. Not much shopping was actually done... I find it especially hard to find something for our son. He's tall (wearing a size 10/140cl), and very slim. Since he's just turned 8 he does not agree with the big clothes chains that thinks that he should wear knitted cardis, hoodies and checked skirts.

And with all the people in the shops he really disliked the entire shopping tour. So, we came home with.... hmmm, well, nothing.... At one stage he said: "Mum, I have an idea, why can't you make all my clothes for me, that way we don't have to go through this anymore." I think he dislikes shops more than he likes my clothes, but still. It felt good to hear.

So. On the first day of the new year 2012 I decided to make him a few shirts. He has chosen the fabrics himself. He has a shirt in black with robots, and when the green and red came on sale he asked me to buy him those as well. The one to the left he picked up in one of my many visits to local shops (in this case Tygaffären on Lagerströmsplatsen in Gothenburg) and the one to the right I found on a shopping group for fabric on Facebook.

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Lise said...

I love the shirts. And I know how your son feels - I struggle to find age appropriate clothes for my boys, rather than grungy/hoodlum clothes!

Can you recommend any places on the web for some of the lovely boy fabric you use?