Monday, 23 January 2012

Fly me to the moon!

I have found the perfect model for shirts for our son. I use one from Farbenmix, which I have altered, and I use size 122/128 and just makes the arms and body a bit longer. Then it works perfect for our guy! All the shirts I showed you the other day is made from the same pattern.
 I bought these velours from Farbenmix a while ago, but they have been sitting on the shelf looking at me. But, since charcoal gray jersey is not very inspiring, I decided that it needed something on the front. We agreed on the glittery rocket. And our son asked for the red trim around the neck and the sleeves. He has always liked red. It is the Ferrari-color, so of course it is a very male color!
Just one funny detail. I told our son that he had his shirt back-to-front the other day. Most kids would try to wring their head and see if they have the label in the back of the inside of the shirt. Well, not our son. He knows where mummy puts her labels on his shirts. So he started to touch the right side of the hem, to make sure that the label was there. Cute, ey?