Friday, 27 January 2012

De-stash Feburary - Some answers!

First of all, warm welcome to all the participants. Some of you have already said that you are interrested in the comments from the last post. And, the rest of you *waving* will probably give a sign in the coming weeks.

Just some clarifying answers.
"Should I make as much as possible from what I've got at home (without buying anything new), and show it off in the blog?"

I am not sure that we will be counting projects. Making 100 beanies or one wedding dress will probably take equal amount of time. The award will go "the best project". If you think making 100 beanies suits your purpose during the month, hey, I am all your's. And you will definitely get some kind of persistence award. On the other hand, if you make 100 beanies in preemie sizes to send to cancer sick babies... That definitely makes it a better project.

Or, if you use all your scrap yarn to make it into a gorgeous afghan instead of throwing it away. Or finally use that special bead for a project.The important thing is that it is something special and that you tell me WHY it is special. I usually need a few project to get into the mood, so I don't think that we will see the winner the first week!

"Anyway, is there room for a hoarding jewellery in your challenge, Kaja?!"
Do you have to many beads? Or to much paper, or yarn, or fabric, or wooden pieces lying around, cluttering up your crafing space? If so, you're definitely welcome. Personally I will have a look in my crafting space and use some time to sell off yarn and fabric, perhaps give away some scraps for the crafting box in school or pre-school.

"What do I do with the pictures? Should I blog it, or send you the pictures?"
Blog about it! But, if you don't have a blog and still want to participate, send me a picture and a description in an email. I will set up a blog post each Tuesday where you can link to this weeks project. This way we can all pop in here on Tuesdays and see what everybody else is doing, and get ideas for new project!

I also strongly encourage you to contact the other crafters that are participating, Either for trading or for purchasing their crafts. This is a great opportunity to get contact with other crafters and get something special. If you're not comfortable writing in English, just contact me and I will help you translate and set up any transactions.

Take care! And see you all back here on Tuesday!

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