Monday, 12 December 2011

Velour dresses!

I started making ONE velour dress for me. And that kinda snowballed... This is a custom order for a colleague with one dress for her in charcoal gray, and two dresses for her daughter in red and charcoal gray.

She has been looking at my clothes for some time now, and when I was wearing my velour dress at the Christmas fair she asked me if I could make one for her and one for her daughter as well. And then her grandmother loved the dress and decided that it could be a good Christmas gift for the wee girl, so she asked me to make another one.

As it turned out, the adult dress was a tad to short, but the grandmother, who is a few inches shorter than my colleague, decided that it would be perfect for her. So, now I am making a fourth dress for the same family. I so wish I could see their Christmas, when everybody is wearing the same type of dress! *LOL*

Anyway. This is really a good dress. So far I have customers age 1 up to 60 in all different sizes and colors wearing it. If you are curvy this is the perfect dress as it fits snug around the chest and then flows freely over your curves. If you have a square body it will actually work to, but for those customers I usually remove some of the width in the skirt as it sometimes will be a lot of fabric.

I will list this dress in size 40/42 (women M/L) with long sleeves in red in my shop soon. Right now the prices are 600 SEK for long sleeved, 500 for short sleeved for adults. 300 for long sleeved for kids and 280 for short sleeved. Approx. Any extra decoration or custom order fabric might be added to that price.

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Linda said...

Ooo I really liked that grey one with the neckline(?) in pink! SO looking forward to see my own dress, and to wear it together with Ronja wearing hers! :o)