Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Personalized dress

Remember this dress?? Well. When my colleague realized that I make matching adult clothes she asked me if I could make one for her as well. She has a slightly more square body than I do and wider shoulder (she is more toned than I am, sewing doesn't build much muscles...). So I cut off about 10 cm on each side of the width of the skirt and then we decided on frilly sleeves to go with the frilly hem.

Now for decoration. She wanted something on it, but she really didn't know what, but she trusted my sense of style. Hm. Well I don't trust my sense of style all the time, but it is always nice to know that my customers do....

Anyway. Since her daughter got a "R" on her dress, I wanted to add a letter "L" on this one. I went to my Monogram book scouting for inspiration and found this. It took forever to make it since I make it on a regular sewing mashine with zigzag and vliesofix and cutting out cotton fabric, but it was well worth it.
And the neckline is as always my satin elastics. It is so pretty and comfy and stylish and, and, and... I just love it. We had a fitting the other day when my colleague tried it on to see if the length of the sleeves were right and she was wearing a black v-necked shirt under this dress and I really liked that extra detail. Perhaps I could figure out how to build that into the design, sometime...

Oh. Yes. Almost forgot. It will be possible to ask for a monogrammed dress in the shop soon. I am not sure about the price yet, but I will come back with that later on.