Thursday, 1 December 2011

Mummy-and-me combo

I might have told you about my change in plans about my shop. And today I will show you the basic idea of the shop. Adult clothes, and Mummy-and-me-combos. I will not entirely give up children's clothes, but they will no longer be my main focus.

It is the same model for the adult as the child, but for the adult version I am using the lovely pansy patterned fabric on the bodice with a solid skirt, and for the child version I am using a solid bodice with a patterned skirt. My idea is that a full skirt of pansies for an adult might be a "bit to much", but since the bodice for a child is much smaller you need the full width of the skirt to to be able to see the pattern. And with a solid bodice the features of the childs face will be more obvious.

Both tunics feature shiny elastics around the arms and the neckline. This is very comfortable and make a great fit. These two tunics are short sleeved, but they will be available as longsleeved tunics too. I call them tunics, but they could really be short dresses to. I am pretty tall and on me it is somewhere between the mid-thigh and just above the knee-length.

I made a second adult dress. Again the same pattern on the bodice (which btw is jersey for a great fit), but with a turquoise skirt (made of interlock, a heavier cotton knit for a great drape). These dresses are in sz 40/42 and will be up for sale, and the child dress is 122/128.

As you can see it will be possible to set up your combo just as you wish, with two sisters wearing the same dress, but with different colors of the bodice. A mum matching her daughter. Or two friends wearing matching outfits for a special occasion.

In a few days I will show you a mummy-and-me combo I have made for a colleague. Those dresses were made in velour, which gave the dresses a whole new look.

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Hannelt said...

Så fine kjoler! Elsker slike match-uten å være helt like :)