Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Pinafore galore and a chat about eco concious thinking

That Emil-dress in sz 2-3yrs (92-98cl) available in my shop here:

My Christmas fair is closing up and I am way behind in blogging. So I am making a couple of mass-posts now to be able to catch up. You might have noticed that I use a lot of vintage or organic fabric. This is because the environmental impact from clothes is really high. Chemicals are used while growing cotton, in the process of creating fabric and printing it, from sewing the clothes and eventually from transporting it all over the world.

Russian nestingdoll dress on denim sz 4-5yrs (104-110cl) available in my shop here:

When I use recycled material I very often use things that have been used before. You might have seen my table cloth collection where I have used vintage table cloths that have a stain somewhere wich would make most people reject it as a table cloth, but by cutting it apart it will still make a gorgeous dress for babies. Old curtains usually are in a great condition since they haven't been washed much, on the other hand sometimes the colors can be faded from the sun. Duvet covers and sheets have been washed more and are usually very soft, although some of them might be a bit faded.

Organic dress with dalahorses 6-9mths (68-74cl) available in my shop here:

I look in thrift shops, search eBay and Etsy and I have some lovely friends that bring me fabric that I might find useful. When the kids were smaller I used to make "sand pit pants" for them. By using the good part of hubbys worn out chinos I made them very practical and soft pants without any pockets or folds (that could keep sand…). I remember that a lot of the mums on the playground got very upset that I was letting my son use his "best pair of pants" to the playground…. If only they'd known…

Vintage Moomin dress in sz 3-9mths (62-68cl) available in my shop here:

When I use new fabric I always prewash the fabric first. It requires some extra work of course, but this way I know that it won't be miscolored or shrink in a weird way. Anyone that has bought a cheap t-shirt knows that the seams will inevitable end up across your chest after the first wash, if you can at all fit into it... By using high quality fabric I also know that my clothes will look the same even after being washed warm 10 times, which is not something that you can say about the clothes you buy in the big chains. I sew a lot of clothes for me and our kids, which of course makes us test the quality of most fabrics as well as the models of it.

Christmas dress sz 0-6mths (56-62cl) available in my shop here:

Talking about models. I like clothes that can be worn for a long time. I've made dresses for my daughter that she wore when she was 2. And 3. And 4. Sure, they got a little shorter, but they still fitted great and the fabric was still in great condition. And the dress was more of a tunic after three seasons, but that didn't have anything to do with the clothes itself, rather that my daughter was trying to outgrow her clothes faster than her mum could make her new ones!


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