Thursday, 13 October 2011

Two dresses and only one model?

Okay. I FINALLY got my energy back. It all started with that a colleague of mine saw this tunic, and asked me if I could do something for her. I had seen a fabric that Linda designed a while ago and tried to purchase it from the fabric shop that had printed it. But that fabric was all sold out, so I sent out a question on a Facebook group asking if someone had a meter or so to spare for me. As it turned out it was Linda herself that answered and sold me enough to make a dress for my colleague.
The colleagues tunic is turquoise with purple damasks and a purple skirt. When I was buying the purple interlock fabric I saw the Gecko fabric that I wanted to buy a while ago and decided that perhaps I should make something for myself at the same time??
It is actually the same pattern as I use for my daughters dresses and she loves them. I love them to as I have an hourglass body type which means that if I don't have a fitted upper body I will end up looking like I am 8 month pregnant. And believe me, that is NOT the look I am going for.
Long story short. My collegue loved her dress and I love my dress too! Best thing?? I got SO many comments in the office about my lovely dress and lots of people asking me where I bought it. Well - I didn't. I made it.... Talk about making commercial in the office!

And if anyone is wondering. The photographer is our 7 year old son. And we started out pretty serious, but after a while I started playing with the mannequin and that is how most of the photos came to be...


Lise said...

Your son is a fabulous photographer - maybe a future career? I love the dresses - I wish I had a pattern to make one for me! I can see why your colleague liked it so much! Beautiful.

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY said...

Looks like your son may have a new job. Great photos and dresses.

This also reminds me that I could also use a dress form-lol.

Enjoy your day.