Friday, 7 October 2011

Super Mario and friends - Hair clips collection

More hairclips... today with Super Mario and friends. I don't know the name of all of these characters or even what happens if you run into them. But, I could perhaps ask my son - he definitely know. As most of his class mates and other friends. Somtimes I feel sooooo old.

So, be a nerd and get popular with your kids and buy yourself a pair of Mario hairclips!! All of them available here!


Linda said...

Men hur coola var inte DOM då!? Kan jag ju tänka mig att bära själv! :o)

Jenny said...

Dom är ju så häftiga!

Maria said...

Hur fina som helst! Skulle säkert mina grabbar vilja ha, fast dom har så kort hår så dom där skulle aldrig fästa.