Monday, 17 October 2011

Monster t-shirt!

Anyone with kids know how it is. All the long sleeved shirts and long pants that worked perfectly fine have mysteriously shrunken in the wardrobe during the summer. Leeving bare wrists and ankles. Since the kids don't care much for going into clothes shops and I am now buying sz 9-10 for our 7-year-old son we sometimes get into the dilemma where he wants to wear other clothes than the big shops have assigned for him. We see a lot of collar shirts and knitted v-neck cardigans. Not the kind of clothes my son would choose.

But this fabric got approved. Monsters with little bubble with text that says "To scary - no way!" in blue and turquoise. And if you think he looks occupied and not very interrested in being a photo model, you're absolutely right. He's playing "Pokepark Wii", one of the Wii games we totally agree upon. He likes it, and I think that it is a good game too. Only draw with it is that there is a lot of reading in it, and our game is in english, which means that I have to sit next to him as long as he plays and translate all the text. His sister enjoys to sit next to him and just watch, as it is almost as a movie.

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