Monday, 12 September 2011

WorkInProgress - Back to school shirt

I had such a brilliant idea of a back to school shirt a while ago, and since my son was starting first grade I wanted to make it for him. After first drawing the world map, then transferring it on to vlieseline and cutting out most of the continents.... I've still got the sewing to do. I am starting to have second thoughts about this project, but if it works out it will definitely be a favourite. Perhaps for second grade?

I still haven't cut out all pieces. Can you spot what's wrong with the map?? Which countries are missing?


willow and moo said...

Kaja, you serious need some iron on velour and a Silhouette cutter! :) :) :)

I bet the shirt is going to be fabbo. Definitely one of a kind. :)

TurboNeedle said...

Australia and New Zealand perhaps? :)

ikketikketheo said...

Gud vilket jobb! Lake Michigan is a heart?

Aleisa said...

Du får inte mitt älskade land utanför, så KUBA som är största ön i karibe får va med, please!