Friday, 16 September 2011

Time to give up your dreams?

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I just loooove a good podcast. Download it into your iPhone or MP3-player, plug it into the car stereo and you can learn all sorts of things on the way to work. I have listened through most of Craftsanity during the winter. Some of them I am actually listened to twice. Or trice. The CrochetDude from episode 15, Susie Hewer that is running marathons and knitting at the same time (#78) and the Wendy Mullin (#114) from Built by Wendy have all inspired me and taught me a lot of things. Not only about different sorts of crafts, but also how to look at your craft from a business point of view, how to promote yourself and how great it is to find someting that can fulfil you.

I already have a great job working with IT. But, there are lots of zeros and ones, and trying to explain to my kids what I am doing is not very easy. "Mummy works with computers". Computers!! You can see the glow in their eyes as they think that I am in on and to play online games all the time. Which of course isn't true. So, having a second job that allows me to create and make something that is VISIBLE is very important to me.

Dream scarve from Singingscarves.

I sometimes get the question if I want to give up my job in IT and start crafting full time. And the answer is always "NO!!". I can't see myself locked into my crafting room all day, desperately trying to crank out new creative ideas, or swamped up over my ears with doing the same pretty style of skirt in different sizes. It is very close to how I would define "hell on earth".

I would rather keep my job as it is, and allow me to keep the love an passion for my craft. I am able to put my soul and spirit into each garment I make. They're all my babies, and I looooove the very thought of wrapping them up and shipping them to someone that will cherish them.

Sometimes I despair. Thinking that I am no good. Thinking of closing down. Loathing the very thought of sewing a single seam. If I was any good, shouldn't I have my own clothing empire by now? The know designers sure would have one in that amount of time. And wasn't Bill Gates a billionaire by the age of 40??

Today I listened to the GetItDone podcasts (available on iTunes as well). Especially episode 91 regarding "Time to give up your dreams?". He defined two sorts of goals. One is the archievement goal - like creating a new H&M and the other goal was the fun you had in the process of making something.

Now, what have I've been achieving in the process of having my business?

Mystery heart by Mentalembellisher.

  • Made a lot of international friends

  • Learned a little about how to market a business online

  • Improving my written English

  • Learned the importance of presentation of your goods, as well as some photography.

  • Learned how to market your own uniqueness and that the Scandinavian design really IS known all over the world.

I have also created something that you would say is a typical Kaja-style, really improved my sewing, making a lot fewer mistakes when creating something new. I am more freely jumping between different types of crafts, using whatever crafts appeals to me most at the moment.

And one of the most obvious facts. I have people from all over the world that is wearing clothes that I have made. Just take a look at all these countries: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States. They all have kids and adults wearing an original Kaja design. In the USA it is closing up on 100 customers! Now how about that for success?

So. I really urge you to take a good long look at your own life and your own success. Perhaps you are not the new Oprah or the Florence Nightinggale that will be remembered for a 100 years, peharps you are still waiting for your first made million dollars. But, if you revise what you have actually done in your life, it might just be good enough. Is not picking a great gift for your mum, singing a special song on a party, knowing the best place to pick mushrooms or just taking that extra time to read a super-duper long good night story for your kids worth something too?

I know that I am not alone in my struggle to be "a good girl". But give yourself a pat on the back and embrace what you have actually accomplished, so far!

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Hannelt said...

Of course you are not giving up your dream, you are living both ;-) I wouldn't give up my daytime job either. I love being a teacher, and to be creative on demand isn't my thing.

I bijoux dello Stregatto said...

Great post! Thank you for featauring my bracelet!