Thursday, 29 September 2011

Organic and super sweet!

I think I won this fabric a while ago (I got to pick the prizes myself!) and I have been wondering what to do with it. I do love organic fabrics, although it is hard to find them if you also have the requirement of that they are colorful. This is a sateen cotton, and really as cute as can be!

I used my peasant pattern again with the fake empire cut, and topped it with some vintage lace. If you can't be all organic, then at least you can be eco-friendly, right?

I made one for my daughter and one that I ought to have listed in the shop by now, sz 122/128cl (7-8yrs), but I strongly suspect that both of them will end up in the shop. But, right now my life is running faster than I do, but some day I will list them.

By the way, have you seen that I've updated my hair accessories collection in my Etsy Shop? And, I've ordered a lot of fabric that will become more hair clips and ties.

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Linda said...

Tack än en gång för de jättefina spännena och banden! Har lagt in länk hit samt till din återförsäljare på min blogg, hoppas det var ok!
Som jag skrivit där älskar jag Super Mario-tröjan och den med bakterierna! Haha, helt i min smak!