Monday, 5 September 2011

Birdie nam nam

Ever since I saw this fabric on Panduro I have saving it for the perfect dress. My daughter has been petting it every now and then. Somehow it ended up nex to this lime green polkadot fabric and I realized that it was a match made in heaven.

I am using the same fake empire cut that I've used before. It is a little extra job, but it looks so much better. I think I might make a tutorial on how I sew these some day. I am not sure if we're keeping it or not. It is hanging in our daughters wardrobe, but she has never worn it, always picking some other dress, so it might very well come up for sale. Sz 122/128 (7-8yrs).


Camilla said...

Jättesnygg! Väldigt fina färger.

W collection said...

Supersöt! Gör du till vuxna Kaja?