Monday, 13 June 2011

Yellow Twiggy dress

I found this gorgeous pattern from the 1960's with a Twiggy-inspired dress. I SO wanted to make it for my daughter. Then I read more carefully on the pattern and realized that this was a size 3. Well. My daughter is usually wearing a size 6 now, or even 7, so I was beginning to deconstruct the pattern to figure out how to enlarge it. Then I was reading the instructions and they read something like check the chest measurment and choose size accordingly, and then make the pieces longer at the marking if needed.

Well. Having a slim daugher has its advantages at some points. Size 3 turnd out to be the perfect size for her. To match the vintage pattern I went with a vintage curtain for fabric. I have topstitched all hems. I used regular hems around the armholes, but around the neck I decided to use a seam binding instead of the suggested piece of fabric. My experience tells me that those usually ends up pretty floppy and not something that my daughter would approve.
In the back a looooong zipper. I really don't like sewing zippers, but this one actually turned out pretty well. I am not sure of what my duaghter thinks about this. She still haven't worn it, and if I have to be honest I should have made those darts to give it an even more tailored look. But, I don't want to make the darts without trying them on my daughter, and she won't wear it. Perhaps I will add it into the shop later on, but for now it is brightening up my sewing room.

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Amy, the Greedy Crocodile said...

oh so pretty!!! i want it. but I think I'm more than a size 3 :-(