Thursday, 30 June 2011

New style of dress - with some room for improvements

I found a new pattern that I wanted to try out, but as always I usually need to make a new model 2-3 times before I have made all changes that I think is needed. There is still some room for improvements for this one. According to the sizing chart I have made size 3 for my daughter. Jeez! I usually buy size 6 for her!! She's slim, but not THAT skinny... It looks great on her, but for this size 2yrs mannequin it is way to snug!

There are several different styles of the dress, this time I wanted to use the "Angel wings". Not bad, but I think the wings could be a little longer. It has elastics in the shoulder straps, so it looks really comfy.

My daugher wished for a really long dress. And really with the white-red gingham I didn't think it needed much embellishment, but I added a little rickrack around the lower hem. Cute ey?

Still not sure if I am going to make it for the shop. It's pretty sure enough, but since the sizing seems to be a little bit more complicated than I thought, I am not sure. I will make these for custom orders though!


Erika Price said...

Very pretty! Erika

Helen said...

Jättesöt klänning!