Tuesday, 14 June 2011

New haircut

Since this blog seems to contain all other things except sewing I might as well show off my latest haircut. It is actually the same style that I've had for the past two months, but somehow I have managed to take about 200 pictures of the kids, and not a single one of me. Well, none that shows my entire head and that is in focus at the same time anyway.

Thank heaven for self timer! As you can see the haircut is assymetrical. The right side is about 1 inch (3cm) longer than my left side. My hair dresser convinced me to do it like that last time and I really liked it.
And from the side. I added some highlights the last time I cut it, so she only refreshed the color in the grow out. It is actually pretty close to my natural hair color, only a bit more intense. And no, I still haven't got any gray hairs. My grandfather still had completely black hair when he turned 60, and my mum is pushing the 70's and still has the same hair color as before, so I hope I got the good genes!

Glossy glossy hair! You can almost see your own reflection in it!


kraplap said...

I love that asymmetric cut Kaja; looks gorgeous on you !!

Colours and Textures said...

Lovely hair and cool haircut!
My mother kept her hair colour till nearly 86 so I am hoping that I have those hair colour genes too!

Rita alias alatvian said...

Thanx for r\the heads up!
Need to visit the hair dresser myself soon :)

Erika Price said...

Very glamorous hair cut, and your hair colour is lovely! I'm a very pale blonde, almost white but thankfully there's no grey in there - just white! Erika Price Jewelry

Lise said...

I just love your haircut. Am considering a similar myself it looks so nice! And the color is beautiful.