Friday, 10 June 2011

Crochet bag

Have I mentioned that I love trouble shooting? I think I might have done that. Most of the things I make for myself are actually a part of trouble shooting. I'll guide you through the lastest process.

We were going on a long trip in the car. 6 hours drive one way and the same amount of time going back. When the kids listen to cd-books, the road is straight and nobody needs a snack I have a LOT of time on my hands. So. A year ago I took up crocheting in the car. It works great for me as a crochet a few stitches, look up, talk to my husband who is driving, crochet a few more stitches and so on. I don't suffer from motion sickness which of course helps. So. On our last trip I needed something to keep my things in. I was going to use 4 balls of 50gram cotton yarn and change color every other lap. So I needed something that could contain all yarn, the project, and preferably a scissor or a thread cutter. It would be great if the container was soft and the right size so that I could squeeze it into the compartments on the inside of the door.

The bag should have a zipper since the velcro on my old project bag always got stuck in the yarn, and it wasn't completely sealed so I always worried that the hook would fall out (imagine having four balls of yarn and no hook, I doubt that my hubby would take a detour to allow me to purchase one, if I was at all able to find a yarn store). The material should be semi-sturdy, so that it doesn't wobble to much and allow the material to fall out. And yes, the zipper should be along the long side of the bag, not on the short side. I hated when I hade to squeeze in a project into a small hole. If I had a long zipper I would be able to fold it up neatly and tuck it in. It would be fun if there was some kind of decoration on it that showed that it was a project bag for crocheting.

I have admired Tuuni's home decor very long. So. I made a denim pouch with a vintage long pink zipper and attatched a little doily that belonged to a sugar&milk-set that my daughter has been playing with for a while. And, this is how it turned out.

Only problem is... since I stole my daughters doily she insists that it is her bag... She has graciously lent it to me on a few occasions, but she still points out that it really IS her bag...

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Pyssel på Torp said...

Nej, nu bara måste jag sy mig en förvaring för virknålar och nystan. Mina projekt bara ligger och slinger och trasslar fritt i mina väskor. Jättefin.