Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Summer tunic - trading with fabric-o-holics

What do you do when you have a closet full of fabric, and still no fabric to make anything from? You trade! This time I traded with Marina fromMade by Ina. She got some of my fabric and I got this summer meadow on brown. It used to be a duvet cover, and I really liked the motif with typical Swedish summer flowers.

All those pastel colored clothes are very cute, but there are times when you wish you could dress your kids in camoflage colored clothes. Brown with pattern is probably as practical as it gets, but I wasn't sure about my daughter though. She has VERY specific requirements for her clothes. Fortunately I know most of them. So adding some extra lace will make her like most clothes. ;-)

It is the same pattern as I use for most of my woven fabric tunics, but this time I didn't use any elastics around the sleeves, but just added some vintage lace there. It got a brand new look this way.

I recently got a question from someone of how many patterns I've got. Counting all magazines it's probably 1000. Or more. How many of these I actually use? 10 perhaps? And then I make variations of the same pattern. Just adding some folds here, and a tuck there, and some elastics or ribbons, some new fabric… And you get a whole clothes rack full of clothes that looks very different.

Some say that it is cheating, just using a few standard patterns and make variations by these. But, I listened to a Craftsanity podcast with Wendy from Built by Wendy and she said that if you go into a standards shop, like H&M, you would be able to break down most of the enitre womens section down to a few basic patterns. Then it is all in choosing fabric, color, short or long sleeves etc.

So I figured that if this is how most large companies do it I would be in good company if I do it too. And by sticking to a few favorite patterns I am able to work more with the colors and texture and little details, the part of the creative process that appeals to me the most!


Swiedebie said...

Its a nice piece. Yes, stick to a few fav patterns and give them a fun twist is good, especially when it comes out different. All the best!

metamorphosis said...

Härligt sommrig!

(måste se om jag kan hitta rätt på ett vettigt sommarklänningsmönster så att dottern kan få lite nytillskott i garderoben...)

BOB & MABEL said...

I have loads of patterns too but only use a handful of them.
Love the brown, with the lace it look fantastic.

Vindling said...

Tycker nog inte alls att det är fusk. Det är smart. Varför ändra på något som funkar liksom? Jag tycker inte det finns något som är "rätt" eller "fel". Funkar det för dig så är det rätt. Och face it, jag vet ingen som syr så snygga grejer som du gör!

Online Parenting Classes said...

this is so cute!!!<3

HanneLT said...

Herligt tyg og modell :)