Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Interview with two summer dresses

I thought I should do something different in the blog today. And NO I have not lost it, but since most of my blog posts look fairly the same I wanted you to see some of the things behind the scenes. So I have decided to interview a couple of my dresses.

So, may I introduce to you: The two retro peasant dress sisters: Big sister and Baby sister. They are custom order for two girls in Sweden and we catch up with them just as they are about to leave for their new destination. Baby sister is very excited and jumping up and down all the time.

-"Oh, can we go now? Please! Please! Puuuuuuuleeeeeeeeease! I have seen the other dresses getting wrapped up so pretty in white tissue paper with red raffia, and I want a pretty ribbon toooo!" I think she didn't even breath during that last scentence.

Her older sister also seems to be pretty excited, but is trying hard to be the mature one of the two. She's more interested in how the raffia will be tied around the paper, and if she can get hurt from travelling with the Swedish mail. She has heard horror stories about a dress that travelled in the same bag as a box of Pomegranate juice, which started leaking. This resulted in the poor girl's package getting all soaked and sticky.

-"But that plastic mailing bag saved her.", says Big sister with a firm nod. "I am so happy that Kaja uses those!"

Since this talk about mailing bags and post boxes seems to upset the little girls we quickly move on to some nicer subject. What are your favorite activities?

"Oh! I love water sprinklers and water hoses!" says Baby sister. "It's so fun getting sprinkled by water, and it tickles!" She smiles and pokes a seam in her older sister, who now cracks up and looses her face and starts laughing.

-"And since we are made from such a great fabric we dry up in a second and don't wrinkle at all!" Big sister adds, trying to compose herself. "We are made from a vintage duvet cover from 1970's in DDR. Very hard to find those nowadays, and I remember that Kaja was muttering when she had to pay the bill for us, because the fabric was really expensive!" Big sister looks very proud of herself. "But since it was duvet covers she got a lot of fabric for her money, so we got so many sisters!"

Yes, we wanted to ask you about those. How many sisters are you now? "Well, the oldest of us was for Kajas daughter, but she has been outgrown now. Then there is one sister in Norway, she's a really lucky one we know that she has been running through the water hoses! And then there is one sister in Finland. I believe that she's somewhere close to Helsinki, but we haven't heard from her in a while." Big sister looks thoughtful. "And yes. I think Kaja still has fabric for one more dress, so we are still hoping to get another sister. Perhaps she could travel a long way. We know that Kaja has been sending a lot of packages to Australia and I've always wanted to see Kangaroos!".

By now Baby sister is jumping around in the room as a kangaroo and is singing: "Me too, me too. Wanna see a kangaroo!" Big sister is laughing at her. Well, I don't know about kangaroos where you are going, but you will definitely see elks, since you are going north in Sweden. Fairly close to the coast actually. Baby sister stops jumping around. "Oh! Do you think we could go to the sea some day? Pretty, pretty, please??". Her big sister gives her a push "Silly. You know Kaja can't promise us that. It's the two sisters that will decide. And their mum." Baby sister looks at her older sister "But I'll be good, I promise!" and tries to make her daisies even whiter and the orange even brighter to look at her best…

Okay. Thank you girls! Now it is time to get all wrapped up in tissue paper and… "Red raffia!" shouts Baby sister. Yes, red raffia, and then I'll pop you guys in a mailing bag. We really need to go now, they are soon going to empty the mail boxes.

I have a hard time folding up the dresses since they are very tickly and especially Baby sister is squirming and refuses to stay in the same place for more than one second at a time. After some time they have their white tissue paper and the red raffia around them and I hear a murmur from inside "Mmm, smells good in here, but it got awfully dark, can I hold your sleeve?". I tuck them into the mailing bag and it is moving around when I drive to the post box. But, the soothing sound of the car has the same effect as on most kids and after a short while I only hear muffled snores from inside and a deep sigh from someone that just have fallen asleep. I gently hug the bag and whisper to them "Have a safe trip girls!" before popping them into the maiI box.

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That's another cute story! Great to read everything about the fabric you used. Wrapped up in a story, it sounds much more interesting as if it were just listed matter-of-factly.

It would be fun if all the sisters could get together for a family reunion :)

X by Leina Neima said...

LOL! What a fun story - I really have good start for my day now... smiling like mad :=) Keep going!

Lucie said...

So fun! Very realistic story!! lol

Dina Fragola said...

So fun! I love this!

Aleisa said...

Att du är fiffigt du! Underbart intervju och två sweetest dresses!

Wezz said...

oh Kaja, that is such a great story! Keep it up please, I love reading them!

Åsa Tidqvist said...

såå fina klänningar!