Friday, 20 May 2011

Friday Feature - What can you do with fabric?

Todays Friday Feature will be about my mum. She always made simple clothes for me and my sister when we were children. I don't think she makes any clothes today, but she's an avid quilter. And some of the projects she comes up with! GASP! I don't know where she gets her patience from, but she sure hasn't passed on that to me. Must be my sister that got that gene!

The first project I want to show you is NOT painted. It is sewn in layers with superthin chiffon in different shades. The more layer, the more intense the color will be. And yes, I too had to look a few times before I agreed that it is actually sewn. I don't know how she did it, but it is absolutely magnificent!

Then we have two 15x15cm (5in) framed pictures on the wall. I would say that it is the same motif, but different times of the day. One mid day and one at sunset. I really liked that she has used pebbles fabric on the beach! And I really can't pick which one I like the most.

She makes gorgeous table runners as well. This is in spring greens and rests on the flap of an old escritoire. I know that my mum has always wished for one of those. And then I was in an auction some 20 years ago. And I saw this, and realized that this would be something my mum would loooove. And the bidding was really slow, and when the price were still not up to a half descent level I said to myself that mums dream would not go away for 1000 SEK(100EUR/140USD). So I bought it. And then I had to figure out how to get it home… I think the nice guys from the auction arranged that for me, and it has been standing in the room ever since. Back to the table runner. It is not that complicated really. Basic 5cmx5cm (2in) squares that are assebled diagonally and a seam binding as trim (and lined of course!). The secret here is all in the colors!

A wallhanging is my parents bedroom. I think my sister got one of these in crimson red for her wedding. Again, 5x5cm squares, and again it is all in the combining the colors of the fabric. I really like white daisies that are in there that makes the outer line of the heart almost disappear into the white background.

An easter quilt on the kitchen table. I don't know what this pattern is called but I love the combination of the purple and the spring greens and yellows. It has all the colors of easter, but without any chickens on it!

And another table runner. Same colors as the one in the kitchen, but with a different pattern.

If I ever give up sewing clothes I will have a go at quilting. It seems like if everything you quilt is getting pretty. And, it is all in the mixing of colors and shades, like a coctail for your eyes! I just need to practice my patience first! I might have the right gene somewhere, but I just haven't discovered it yet.

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Aleisa said...

Men hallå din mamma är inte ifrån Jorden, she is out of record, "fuera de serie", säger man på spanska!