Tuesday, 5 April 2011

"No honey, it's not a dress. It's a tunic."

The older the children gets the more compromizing we do with them. When they are babies you can put on almost any clothes you want. But as they grow up they tend to have more ideas on what to wear. Our daughter was not more than 3 1/2 years old when she refused to wear pants for 9 months. After that I managed to convince her to use really tight jeans or jeggings.... Here's a custom order for a colleague. She saw this dress and wanted it in a larger size, but with the same length. And then she decided to order a second tunic in this white hearts on red background fabric. After some discussions we agreed on puff sleeves with lace elastics trim around the neckline and the sleeves, and a lettuce hem. And again. Not in dress length, more mid-thigh length.
When the little girl that got the garment first got it she protested. "No. I don't want to wear a dress!" But her mum managed to convince her that it is long shirt, or possibly a tunic. Then she tried it on and was thrilled by the softness of the fabric. It is a brushed cotton jersey and soft as a peach.

And as her mum pointed out. Worn over a pair of jeans this tunic will be a pretty cool one, but with a pair of lace-trimmed white leggings it will appear very sweet. And. It is definitely not a dress. It's a long shirt. *LOL*

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