Monday, 18 April 2011

MondayMoodboard - Iphone cozies.

My hubby got himself an Iphone4. I know he's a tech-freak, so he really deserved it. But I am just a tad envyous of him. Despite working on an IT company I have a REALLY old cell phone. We are not allowed to buy any of these fancy things. And here in Sweden it is not that expensive to buy phones IF you sign up for a contract with the phone company at the same time. If you don't sign up.... well, then it can get pretty expensive.... And Iphone is not the cheap stuff.... So. Of course. You would need to protect your little darling, and before surfing the net to find out HOW you could protect it there are some ways that I would never have thought about.

Top row from the left: Flower appliques in leather from EightSeason Masculine leather from Leathermix. Polkadot fabric from byEsa. Middle row: Tweed cover by Pomella Fabric by JuanitaTortilla. Candy striped crochet by Angelpearls. Bottom row: Crocheted beads from Eljuks. Lacy crocheted from anils. Crocheted from Angelpearls.

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