Thursday, 21 April 2011

Easter Crafting Tutorial - Color eggs with onion skins

Easter! Another of those hollidays where you have an excellent excuse to force the kids to craft. I might be knocking in open doors here, but I wanted to show you how to color eggs with onion skins. My granddad used to make it with us when we visited him at easter. He started saving onion skins a couple of weeks before. But. I usually go to the supermarket and buy a very mysterious bag of onion skins... More than one person seeing me digging for skins have been asking what I am doing... *LOL*

Grab a roll of tinfoil, a bag of onion skins, a pack of eggs and two kids. Then put onion skins around each egg. Make sure that you cover up all parts of it, those that are not covered will be white, which of course can be a nice effect too. We usually use yellow onion and red onion. Garlic will not give any special color, so just leave those out.

It can be REALLY tricky, so use as large pieces of skins as you can find.

Then put your egg and skin onto a piece of tin foil, and start wrapping. Make sure that the skin stays in place.

You will end up with something that look like space eggs. Put them in a large pot.

Fill up with water. It needs to cover the eggs, but as the packages will float you don't need the pot to be filled to the brim.

Start boiling. You might want to turn the packages ever now and then. As you can see the water will turn into something that looks like tea. As the tin foil isolates the eggs you will need to boil them for something like twice the time that you usually cook your hard boiled eggs. For us: 15 minutes.

Pour out the water and fill up with cold water. Do this several times. Again, the tin foil isolates, and you don't want to burn the kids hands.

Now comes the fun. Unpeeling the packages! Cover up the table. The water contains color, so it will give stains if you are not around to wipe it up immediately. We used newspaper.

Fully concentrated!

What will it look like???

Okay. Now you need to do the finishing touch. My grandad insisted on using lard and a ladies nylon sock, but honestly a splash of oil and a paper cloth will give you the same effect. This will polish the eggs and give them a nice finish!

Here you can see the difference. The left one has oil on it, the right one doesn't. Do you see that it has fader color and a matte surface.

And. This is what you will come up with. Almost to pretty to eat! And great for a giveaway present around Easter!

If you want solid colored eggs you can just add some onion skins into your regular cooking water. Somehow our kids prefer brown eggs to white ones...


metamorphosis said...

Väldigt vackra blir de!

Åsa Tidqvist said...

jättefina ägg! vi gör inte sånt här tyvärr då min dotter är väldigt allergisk mot ä lite målade frigolitägg har vi!

Lina said...

Om man blöter ned äggen och rullar dem i ris (riset fastnar bara om ägget är blött) innan man klär dem i lökskal får de vacker marmorering med vita prickar.