Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Twinkle, twinkle...

Most of the time I only make ONE of each item, sometimes the piece of clothing is very similar but in different sizes, and sometimes they are grouped in little minicollections. Like the Dalahorse dresses I showed you the other day. Same dress, but in different color scales.

I have two exceptions in my shop. Anything with Pippi Longstocking. I need to keep those on a regular basis. Or at least as long as my supply lasts anyway. And these star-dresses. I haven't had them in a shop for a while now, mostly because they sell out so fast, and I don't like doing the same thing over and over again.
But, I got a custom order for one of these dresses, so I decided to make two extra to have in the shop. It's my own pattern which I've now got in sizes from 56-116 (newborn - 6yrs). There are a lot of details on them. Even though I have made them so many times now, it still takes me quite a while to finish each dress. Little details like top-stitching the seams or the corect placements of the button holes makes them take a while.
These two are in sizes 92/98 (2T-3T) and 110-116 (5-6yrs) and available in the shop.
I have been lousy at blogging lately, but make sure that you like me on Facebook, since I have posted pictures of all new items there!

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~~*Pennyshouse*~~ said...

hihihihi...tackar för upplysningen ;) fick se det nu.

Var ju bara tvungen att ändra direkt *LER*
Oj nu har jag nog gjort bort mig...hihihii..igen, men det bjuder jag på *fniss*