Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Summer wardrobe for two sisters

This is offically one of the strangest custom order I have ever made. I got contacted by the customer through a Swedish parental forums, where we have seen eachother in some crafting threads. She had seen my apron wrap dresses and wanted two for her daughers. Navy with white seam bindings. And matching shorts in red with white polkadots and white ruffle. Ok. So far so good. It was the last part of the order that freaked me out. "Hey, I'll throw in some extra money when I transfer it, and you can make something to surprise me. I trust your taste!".

Ooookay? Only problem is that I didn't know HER taste… Well. After some discussion she told me that she didn't mind white clothes on kids and that she like the classic Swedish style from the Astrid Lindgren book "Madicken".

I have made several of these apron wrap dresses, but I love that they turn out so different depending on which colors you use. This one is more of a tunic lenght so that the shorts would show. I have a vintage pattern somewhere that has a model that is very close to this one. The ruffle pants are really cute, and my new and discustingly expensive ruffler foot makes these pants not that complicated to sew.

I wanted to make her something that matched the pants, so that her daughters would get two outfits from three items. And also something that worked for summer. And something that is close to a staple in the wardrobe, but still with a twist.

I was looking at the white vintage fabric with Dalahorses (she's Swedish, but lives abroad), but I thought I might have problems fitting in two tunics on a limited amount of fabric. Then I saw this one. It is a very light cotton fabric (popeline) with white butterflies printed on to it. If you look at the fabric in the dark or from a distance it appears white, but when you come close you can see the butterflies. The fabric has been asking to become a peasant tunic for a while, but I have refused to listen to it so it has been sitting on the shelves for quite a while. Elastics around the arms and necklines makes it really comfy and it is easy for little girls to get dressed themselves. And the model is SO sunsmart, protecting little shoulders, but still being airy enough too stay cool. I used a lace trim to make it even more romantic, and also make it a little bit more Madicken-style.

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