Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Moomin and Pippi Longstocking dresses

Yes. I am making more of these peasant style dresses. My daughter just loves them during summer, and I think it is so nice to have something pretty to pull on without spending a day trying to figure out if the colors of the leggings goes with the tunic... And. since the model is so airy it is perfect during warm summer days, covering up little shoulders, but still cool enough to not make them sweat.

I just folded away her dresses that I made for her THREE years ago. She was 92cl (2T) then and now she's wearing 116 (6yrs), and now they are definitely to small. But show me any other dress that will last for three seasons!

The first one is a from a vintage duvet cover. I bought the fabric wanting to make them criss-cross-aprons, but the fabric is simply to soft for that. So, peasant style dresses it is! These are the kind of dresses that I don't think will even wrinkle very much and feels like silk on the body, becuase they are simply sooooo soft! I made two at the same time in sz 86/92 (18-24mths) and you will find them in the shop here and here.

The second sets of dresses are Moomin on bubbles. Some of the original drawings of Moomin are not very colorful. Lots of little details yes, but pretty dull otherwise. So I thought it would be nice with a dress that isn't supercute! So, all the Moomins on beige background, with white polkadots on mole colored puff sleeves. I made two, that actually turned out pretty much the same length, despite being different sizes, which of course is because one of them is a tunic and the other a dress. I have seen that older girls usually seem to preffer tunics that can go with tights, rather than a dress, so I try to make a little of both to have in my shop.

Thes dress is in sz 92-98cl (2T-3T), and the tunic with a lace hem in size 110/116 (5-6yrs).

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