Friday, 11 March 2011

Friday Feature: Blogs from Sweden

I know that one of the most popular things about my blog is the MondayMoodboards. So. I am going to do something for a while that I will call the Friday Feature. This weeks theme is Swedish blogs. And, the ones I have chosen this week are all having a very unique style and doing their own thing. There are of course a lot of blogs that do that, but honestly, I look pretty often at my Google Analytics and I can see that these blogs also bring me a lot of new visitors, so this is my way of saying thank you. All are blogging in Swedish, but well worth a visit for the pictures...

Top row:
Annabell - She's from the same town as I, and makes the most gorgeous wrap cardis. I still haven't figured out if I should try to make a similar one for myself or if I should cave in and order one from her.
Crochetra - She has written a crochet pattern book and is now giving away a free pattern to all her readers each month. She often crochets things that I never thought you could crochet before, as a gingerbread house or a coffee cup.

Bottom row:
Retrostuff - She makes the loveliest clothes from reclaimed fabrics. It's a feast to your eyes every time you look at her creations.
Dödergök - Passionate knitter with quirky photos of herself and her recently bought cottage.

Anybody else that wants to join in and show off some of their favourite blogs?? Just leave a comment and a link to your blog in the comments. If I see that there are a lot of people interrested in this I will arrange a MrLinky to next week. And by the way, if you want to make a fancy board with all pictures you can use the Mosaic maker.


Annabell said...

Vad kul att få vara med på din lista!

retrostuff said...

Jag är otroligt hedrad! Tack!

Aleisa said...

Jag måste säga att dina favvo är mina, retrostuff älskare det är jag, dvs, helt rätt unik och häftigaste stil, och ännu mer underbar människa bakom det!
Fast jag måste ju ordna en plats till dig i min mosaik. Jag läser din blogg frååååån läääänge sen, det vet du! KRAM

Dödergök said...

Tack så mycket för länkningen!