Friday, 25 March 2011

Friday Feature - Bloggers with lots of patience!

Today I will talk about patience. Patience is a virtue. We all know that. And most things actually is not that hard to do, if you only stay calm and keep on working towards your goal. I am not sure about how much patience I've got. With some things, like crocheting, I can go on forever with a project, and some sewing projects have been taking VERY long time to complete. But knitting is not my cup of tea. I do knit, but the only thing I have EVER thrown into a wall because I was SO frustrated was a knitting project.

Some bloggers don't necessary crank out very many projects but the ones they do are AMAZING.

First one is Steph from PetitPlat. Can you just imagine making all those little easter eggs from clay by hand and put them in this tiny basket… My hands are starting to twitch as I see it. Hat's off!

Next one is LilleGitte who makes amazing sewn things. This is a copy of the Swedish queens crown that she wore when she got married, and last summer our princess wore it too when she got married. I would never have come up with the idea of making a crown in fabric, with all those details… But the result is to die for!

Syko is a textile artist from Finland. She has a book out now. And this is part of a longer project she made and I just looooove this picture. The girl with the sewing machine in her hand, the bike with a pack of fabric in the back. It could be me! Well. Except for the fact that she's wearing bangs…

And last but not least, Lisa. And most other quilters. This bed spread is stunning. She claims that it is not that complicated to make a bed spread like this. Well doooh! Perhaps not. But the amount of patience to make these quilts…. Perhaps I could do it once, if I REALLY tried. But she's doing it over and over and over again.

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And NO, you don't have to write your blogpost in English. I read some blogs in a language I don't even understand, and everybody loves looking at good pictures that can provide some inspiration!


::: PetitPlat Food Art ::: said...

Lol! I reassure you I don't have much patience with knitting either, it's just is so slooow ><

Very fun way to feature others! thanks :)


aegeansea said...

I love reading this!!! Patience...well, my sis says I have it, but it depends...I do with my craftwork, but with DH..sometimes I forget!

Hawk&Weasel said...

Ja, jäklar vad duktiga! Man blir helt matt och inspirerad samtidigt.