Thursday, 10 March 2011

Featured on I heart Daily!

I heart daily is a newsletter (and website, and blog, and facebook page) that has a lot of young readers. The average readers age is 19 yrs. And after googling a bit it seems as if it is one of the hottest newsletters for teenagers and young adults there is. And the owners of the site have been writing for ElleGirl and Glamour magazines.
This is what they write about themselves.

"Heart Daily is a free newsletter of stuff we like. Each day, you'll find out about one thing: The band you should hear, the girl who's kicking ass in the world, the lipstick color that looks good on everyone, the designer who doesn't have a fashion show yet but is completely amazing… you get the idea. You'll never hear about stuff we hate, just stuff we heart. We're nice that way.

By subscribing, you'll be automatically entered for chances to win cool stuff including music, beauty products, books, jewelry, riches, etc. that you've seen featured on"

Now some of my readers might wonder what teenagers should do with clothes for toddlers and babies? Well. Nothing. But, I do have a section of hair clips that is really attracting these buyers. In todays newsletter they are showing off my aqua hedgehog hair clips. hair clips. So, you know what to wear if you want to be REALLY trendy this year!

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