Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Birthday gift: Pokemon pouch

Did I mention that we have Pokemon fever?? Yes. I might have... All the boys at school are bringing their Pokemon albums to school and trading. Sometimes they regret their trades and sometimes the older kids cheat them, and sometimes the cards just dissappear. So. In order to prevent any problems regarding the cards the class teachers decided that each kid can bring 10 cards to school. Which means that the albums are way to big.
My son has used a pouch we got through a trade from Kokalal to keep his card in. The basic idea was alright, but we needed something sturdy to keep the cards from folding, and the original pouch didn't have the correct measurements. And now when our sons best friend was having his 7:th birthday party this weekend it was just the perfect excuse to finally do something about that idea.
After consulting my son we agreed on a denim fabric, which is has a slightly gray shade to it. My son wanted the fire-Pokemon Charmander and orange zipper to go with the fire. And his friend got the water Pokemon Squirtle and a green zipper. Just in case there are more boys that will be wishing for Pokemon pouches I decided to use the alphabet function on my sewing machine and write their names on the pouches in that special orange-brown thread that is used for the hem on denim jeans.
I am not sure that these will ever end up in the shop, but it feels great to do something just for the fun of it!


ingermaaike said...

They are way cool! Surely something you can make for the shop :) But don'tsell them for less than they are worth..

DemyBlackDesign said...

They are so funny! Just love them!

OnePerfectDay said...

These are really cute and so well made!

SuppliesHandcrafted said...

Great! What a perfect gift idea!

Dina Fragola said...

So cool and cute! No Pikachu yet? ;)