Friday, 4 February 2011

Snowboards, space and skateboards! Shirts for boys!!

When I was on the Christmas fairs I realized that I had a lot of things for girls. Tops, tunics and dresses. And then an occasional shirt for the boys. Especially the small sizes were not very well stocked. And after the fair the few boys items in the smaller sizes were all gone.

So. I decided to do something about it. This explosions fabric you have probably seen before, but after being washed almost on a daily basis it still looks as good as when I sewed the shirt for my son last year. Only it has pretty shorts sleeves by now.

I had a custom order for this kind of shirt, so I decided to make an extra in a smaller size. This one is in 110/116cl.
Here's a skateboard-shirt with raglan cut black sleeves. Same kind of fabric as on the other shirt. I only had a very strange cut piece left, but I managed to get two small shirts, one in sz 86/92cl and one in the same size, with a little longer sleeves, so I listed that one as 92/98cl.
The first explosions shirt was one half of a custom order. The other part was for a snowboard shirt. So, I made three shirts of larger sizes for boys. I think my son knicked one of them, so it will probably be this one in 110/116cl that will be listed in the shop. This fabric is not available in the shops any longer, but I managed to order 5yards directly from the producer. So, there's plenty more if you find it as cool as most boys!!


Steffi said...

Great shirts,Kaja!And you are very creative!


Hello said...

Jobbigt med tyger som krymper så där! ;)

De är jättefina! Glada och fina i färgerna och ändå helt pojkiga, sas.